Interview Local Radio Station Volendam – Edam

Mid-October volunteer Ria Tol and airport chaplain Marieke Meiring were invited by L.O.V.E. (Local Radio Volendam-Edam) for an interview. In the basement of the stadium of FC Volendam the radio team gave them a warm welcome and asked many questions about the work of the chaplaincy in the Meditation Centre of Schiphol Airport. The programme ‘Zukke Zorge’ (lit. ‘Great Concern’) usually focuses on people whose mindset it is to help others. Ria, a well-known inhabitant of the region, shared her stories about the Meditation Centre. Due to the corona-years the process of application and the beginning of the volunteer work was a long one. Finally, last April, Ria was the first volunteer to join the team of volunteers after the pandemic. Besides describing the chores, questions were answered like: ‘Does a piano fit in the concept of the centre?’ ‘Do couples marry in this designated place at the airport?’ ‘Can people of different beliefs pray together in one room?’ ‘Is it allowed to do yoga?’