When people are in visible distress, the Airport Chaplaincy can provide assistance. In this case, the Airlines, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, Information Desks, Medical Services, and Emergency Centres frequently work together with the Airport Chaplaincy. If you would like to speak to one of the chaplains, you can contact them via the Airport Control Centre (+31 (0)20 601 4751). Naturally, the chaplains are also available outside office hours for emergency care.

Our chaplain Mark Hafkenscheid helps a passenger. The airport chaplains are clearly visible at the airport because they carry a keycord.

For example, the chaplaincy assists passengers and their loved ones in case of the death of a close relative or in case of other grievous events. Furthermore, the chaplains collaborate with the Medical Services to help passengers with psychological problems. They sometimes also provide assistance to stranded passengers, for instance by contacting their home or providing temporary shelter. The chaplaincy can also support passengers or staff by lending a sympathetic ear.

The Airport Chaplaincy is able to communicate with other airport chaplaincies worldwide. The primary objectives of the airport chaplains are:   

  • Assisting and supporting passengers or staff in case of bereavement or other crises;
  • Supporting and providing advice to stranded passengers;
  • Collaborating with the Medical Services in special cases;
  • Assisting refugees with practical matters (a bed for the night, food, and referrals to relevant authorities);
  • Assisting airport staff with the shelter of victims in case of a disaster;
  • Selecting, recruiting and managing volunteers who assist passengers and manage the Meditation Centre;
  • When necessary, supporting airport staff.