Airport chaplains and volunteers visit liberal Jewish Congregation of Amsterdam

Every year, the Airport Chaplaincy offers a training program to its volunteers. In October, usually a whole day is organized to equip the 25 voluntary staff and the chaplains to increase their knowledge, train them, and inspire them for their task. On October 13th the chaplains, volunteers, and many board members were hosted by the liberal Jewish Congregation of Amsterdam. In this house of prayer, learning and encounter they were received with touching hospitality.

Tapestry The Seven Days of Creation by Claudy Jongstra.

Rabbi Menno ten Brink kicked off the day with a guided tour in the synagogue. Because of the festival of Sukkoth in the very week, a sukkah was built on its patio. Karima Bajioui and Barnet Kansil facilitated the rest of the day on the topic of interreligious awareness. The training stimulated an attitude of modesty and openness in the encounters in the Meditation Centre of Schiphol.

The door to the synagogue refers to the expectation of the time of Shalom.
Rabbi Menno ten Brink shows the holy scrolls of Tenach.
The sukkah visit.