Interview Local Radio Station Volendam – Edam

Mid-October volunteer Ria Tol and airport chaplain Marieke Meiring were invited by L.O.V.E. (Local Radio Volendam-Edam) for an interview. In the basement of the stadium of FC Volendam the radio team gave them a warm welcome and asked many questions about the work of the chaplaincy in the Meditation Centre of Schiphol Airport.Continue reading “Interview Lokale Omroep Volendam – Edam”

Airport chaplains and volunteers visit liberal Jewish Congregation of Amsterdam

Every year the Airport Chaplaincy offers a training program to its volunteers. In October, usually a whole day is organized to equip the 25 voluntary staff and the chaplains to increase their knowledge, train them and inspire them for their task. On October 13th the chaplains, volunteers and many board members were hosted by the liberal Jewish Congregation of Amsterdam.Continue reading “Luchthavenpastoraat te gast bij liberaal Joodse Gemeente”