The Airport Chaplaincy consists of the foundation board, the pastors, and 25 volunteers. Three pastors, one from the Roman Catholic Church, one from the Protestant Church, and one from a partnership of the Old Catholic and Anglican Churches function within the Airport Chaplaincy. The three pastors are each supported in their work by these three “separate” foundations. 

The Schiphol Airport Chaplaincy Support Foundation supports the three participating foundations in their tasks for Airport Chaplaincy.

Pastor Marieke Meiring-Snijder is connected to the Protestant Schiphol Airport Chaplaincy Foundation.

Pastor Mark Hafkenscheid is connected to the Old-Catholic and Anglican Airport Ministry Foundation.

Pastor Gerard Timmermans is connected to the Roman Catholic Airport Chaplaincy Foundation Schiphol.

Each of the three supporting foundations of the Airport Chaplaincy provides board members who jointly form the board of SOLS. The SOLS board determines the activities to be performed, the way in which finances are acquired, the management of the capital and the way in which that capital is distributed.