Protestant Schiphol Airport Chaplaincy Foundation (ANBI)


The Protestant Schiphol Airport Chaplaincy Foundation (SPLS) offers pastoral and diaconal support, based on a Protestant Christian identity, to passengers and staff at Schiphol Airport.

It is for this purpose that a pastor is assigned, who, jointly with two pastors from different Christian backgrounds, gives the Airport Chaplaincy an ecumenical identity. The airport pastors will assist any individual in need of support, regardless of religion or personal belief. This is based on the Christian values of respect, dialogue, reliability, and compassion. 


The SPLS, established on June 16, 2009, aims to support the Airport Chaplaincy by:

  • To take care of the material interests of the Airport Chaplaincy;
  • To make the chaplaincy possible;
  • Advising and supporting the chaplaincy.
The board

The board of SPLS consists of:

F. PoortChairman
M. Kraak-VerdonkSecretary
H. WarningTreasurer
T. van AlphenBoard member
G.J. de MeijerBoard member, on behalf of the Remonstrant Brotherhood
A. van OudenallenBoard member, on behalf of the Algemene Doopsgezinde Sociëteit
F. de VriesBoard member

The SPLS board, by being a part of the Schiphol Airport Chaplaincy Support Foundation (SOLS), guarantees peer collaboration with the the other two foundations and the three pastors. An important task of the board is also to fulfill the objectives and to acquire (financial) resources for this purpose.

SPLS board members do not receive any attendance fees/remuneration for their work. The board members only receive compensation for expenses incurred that relate to their board position.


SPLS has one employee: Mrs. Rev. M.S. Meiring-Snijder.
The remuneration is in line with the “Generale regeling rechtspositie kerkelijk medewerkers” of the PKN. The compensation is regulated in the 'Arbeidsvoorwaardenregeling Kerkelijk Medewerkers van de PKN'. The relevant regulations can be read here .


SPLS is considered a charitable foundation with ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) status, registered in the Netherlands. Donations made to SPLS are, for Dutch citizens, donations that, depending on the amount, can be income tax deductible.

In order to continue this work, financial gifts are highly appreciated. Should you wish to support our foundation financially, you can make a contribution to:

IBAN: NL04 RABO 0150 6727 99
name: Stichting Protestants Luchthavenpastoraat Schiphol
KVK-number: 34345790
RSIN: 821965074