Introduction chaplain Fons Litjens

In January, February and March 2024 I will stand in for Father Gerard Timmermans, who’s on work leave. The board of the Roman Catholic Airport Chaplaincy Foundation Schiphol has appointed me in order to continue the pastoral care for passengers. I will be available on Thursdays and Fridays weekly.

I retired from my work as a parish deacon in 2021 after serving in many different cities in the Netherlands. I was ordained in 2007 by the diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam. I am grateful for the years I was able to minister to those who crossed my path.

After my retirement I looked for new areas and new challenges, offering my skills as a volunteer and that’s how I came to know about the Airport Chaplaincy work at Schiphol. The voluntary work done at the Meditation Centre suits me very well. I like to host others in a quiet place of meditation and prayer. Meanwhile I have started my PhD which focuses on the connection between psalms and art.

I was born in Maastricht (Limburg, south-Netherlands), am married to Fieke Klaver and we currently live in Haarlem. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a gateway to the world and the next couple of months I hope to be a support for people in whatever kind of need. Together with two experienced colleagues, Mark Hafkenscheid and Marieke Meiring, it will succeed. ‘Es God bleef’, is a dear Limburgian saying for: ‘If it’s pleasing to God’.