The Airport Chaplaincy organised a New Year’s Concert in the airport

On January 11th, the Airport Chaplaincy welcomed the year 2023 with a short church service, a speech by the president of the chaplaincy foundation Flip Poort and a special miniconcert. The concert was given by professional musicians in Lounge 2. It was a true highlight of the New Year’s reception.

The ensemble of the foundation ‘Apple pie concerts’ (Appeltaartconcerten) was represented by string trio Ruña ’t Hart, Michiel Holtrop, Douw Fonda and Gerben Klein Willink on trumpet. Their wonderful, energetic performance of light classical music was a big surprise to passengers, guests and airport staff. Seated on the edge of the internet square, the musicians nearly touched the audience. Dancing children, a father with a sleeping son on his shoulder and the volunteers handing out apple pie to listeners. The constant flow of hurries and logistics, so present at airports, was mitigated and softened by the peace and pleasure the music evoked in all. Just a moment to stand still, before rushing again to fly. Foundation ‘Apple pie concerts’ breathes the same humanitarian approach as the Airport Chaplaincy of Schiphol. The musicians play in homes for elderly and sick, in neighborhood theaters and hospices. For more information visit the website of the foundation.