Christmas Eve/Day near the Meditation Centre, behind passport control

For the ones who are travelling through Schiphol Airport on Christmas Eve, do not miss the opportunity to get a touch of Christmas in a short celebration in Lounge 2. This service can only be attended by passengers in transit or by passengers who are stranded in the transit area due to the international travel restrictions because of Covid-19. A selection of Christmas carols will be played on audio, we will read the Nativity story and a short Christmas message will be given by the chaplains of Schiphol. Due to the corona rules the short service will not be conducted in het Meditation Centre, however, on the internetcourt in front of the centre. Afterwards individually wrapped Christmas stollen will be presented as a takeaway. The event starts at 6.30 pm on the second floor in Lounge 2. Chaplains Joop Albers and Marieke Meiring offer you a warm welcome! On Christmas Day (25th December) the Airport Chaplaincy offers two more short services that are conducted within the mandatory corona restrictions. You are welcome to join us in the Meditation Centre either at 11 or at 12 am. We can receive visitors up to eight max.

The Airport Chaplaincy wishes you happy holidays! (The photo was taken several years ago).
Pastors Marieke Meiring (left) and Joop Albers (right).